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November 26, 2020
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Work Outlook/ Resign Policy

Updated:  November 23, 2020

  • We currently have 57 on Book I and 8 on Book II. There was one layoff and one job calls last week. The number of members furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic has increased from 22 to 34 members. Please be advised thet members who are put on furlough are also able to sign Book I.
  • Calls last week:
  • O'Connell Electric - 3 - JWs - 110 Franklin St.(Call Filled)
  • The IBEW International office and National NECA have signed the National Disease Emergency Response Agreement (NDERA) and have temporarily amended our referral procedure in response to COVID-19.The following links will take you to the agreement between IBEW and NECA, and two Q&A responses regarding the National Disease Emergency Response Agreement (NDERA). If you have further questions, as always, feel free to contact us at the Union Office for clarification.
  • Q&A 1
  • Q&A 2
  • Below is the link to the Fedeal Government's DOL web site detailing information regarding paid leave due to possibly contracting COVID-19.
  • This Washington Post article give you an idea how much your stimulus check might be and also answers some FAQ.
  • Washington Post
  • It is important to work out of town to help those locals fulfill thier manpower need, but more importantly to earn money and hours towards your health, annuity and pension.
  • Any member interested in heading anywhere else, will need to be signed up with our funds office for the IBEW Elelctronic Reciprocal Transfer System.
  • Please contact me as to where you possibly want to go so I can call to get work outlook, wages, defined contribution (annuity), defined benefit (pension), health care, and other possible contributions. 
  • Many job locations at Local 41 require a drug test and an OSHA 10 card no more than 5 years old.

  • Journeyman Scale:  $36.49
  • Health & Welfare: $13.00
  • Pension: $9.85
  • Annuity:  $5.50
  • Vacation: 7% (deducted from gross wages)
  • Working Assessments: 3%

Referral calls are made between 8 AM to 5 PM

Sign in window hours are 8 AM to 5 PM

* * * * Resign Policy * * * *

Effective June 1, 2012 re-signs shall be required MONTHLY, beginning on the 10th and ending on the 16th of each month.  All re-signs for June and each month thereafter MUST be made in that time frame.  Re-signs will require the following information:  Name, address, home local #, and IBEW card #.  If not a union member, a driver's license or government approved ID is required.

Re-signs may be accomplished:

a)      In Person

b)      By Fax:  716-662-9644.

c)     By e-mail to:  - Please put your name on the subject line

d)     By filling out the form on our resign page

e)      By U.S. Mail to:  Local #41, I.B.E.W.

                                      Attn:  Greg Inglut

                                      S-3546 California Road

                                              Orchard Park, NY  14127

Page Last Updated: Nov 23, 2020 (13:28:51)
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